Video to public hosting services should not be CJIS compliant

One of the issues that comes up in discusses about video to public projects is where to host the videos.

One agency’s public records attorney told me she wants one system to handle both court related use cases and public access. The problem is video hosting on services meeting the FBI’s security requirements called CJIS is very expensive. For example’s cheapest plan is $15/officer/month for 5GB of storage. Whereas Google Apps for Business’ cheapest plan is $5/user/month for 30GB of storage.

It’s my hope that redaction requirements will increase nation wide to protect identities and contents of homes. If this happens every video released to the public will have to be a redacted copy. Therefore I believe systems like should interface with say Youtube or Media Fire (100TB of cloud storage for $25/month). would send to Youtube or Media Fire via APIs the automatically redacted version. then could be the host of the public database of the videos with Youtube embeds or links to Media Fire.

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